The art of SAXA alias Sascha Lehmann (born 1975) is word painting. He writes his pictures, letter by letter. Artistically he works mainly with a tool - his words. He writes poems and thoughts, stories and biographies.


His word paintings, written by hand with ink on canvas, illustrate parts of these texts and combine the two major artistic fields: literature and fine arts. 


He works regularly with schools to inspire children and young people, as well as teachers and parents, with language and writing.


SAXA's works are now represented in numerous exhibitions, collections and institutions. His works can be found in museums such as the Karl-Marx-Haus in Trier, the August-Macke-Haus in Bonn and the "Deutsches Röntgen-Museum" in Remscheid.


THE ROLLING STONES (2018) - EDITION OF 80 (50 x 70 CM)
THE ROLLING STONES (2018) - EDITION OF 80 (50 x 70 CM)