Frank Teufel

Frank Teufel was born in Tuttlingen in 1966. After his apprenticeship as a stone sculptor he attended the master school for stonemasons and stone sculptors in Mainz. He also studied at the Academy of Design in Ulm.


A new sculpture begins on a sheet of paper - with a drawing. Frank Teufel shapes the stone into these tension-laden lines and reaches the limits of statics. In this way he creates a filigree lightness that subjectively contradicts the original material.

Lines form an exciting connection with each other or with themselves. 

They run concave, convex, parallel, sometimes in a pointed departure from each other. Later they approach again carefully. In the inner dialogue with the sculptures, the viewer let the daring game of gravity affect him.

With the reduction to clearly abstracted forms, the works invite to their own interpretations. This is why Frank Teufel usually not uses explanatory titles.

The surface structure of the sculptures resembles impressions and experiences that make each individual sculpture – each individual life – unique.