JD Miller

JD Miller was born in San Diego, CA, in 1953, and moved to Texas as a child, were her spent his early years studying guitar, trumpet and piano. By the time he finished his undergraduate career at the University of North Texas, Miller was a flourishing studio musician and had founded Inside Track Studios, a music syndication studio with clients in 28 states. He continued on to a graduate school to study sculpture and ceramics at Texas Woman's University, before officially beginning his professional painting career in 1998.


Miller's visual style was heavily influenced by the works of cartoon masters Walt Disney and Walter Lantz, and by the art of the Impressionist and Expressionist painters. From the cartoonists, he took vibrant colors and deft lines, and from the Impressionists, their representations of the entire envelope of light, the things they felt, and the way a scene surrounded them.

Miller founded the Reflectionist School in October 2004, a Group of painters who create art that mirrors holographically the positive power of life and the universe. Their hallmark is Miller's 3-D oil-painting technique, which combines chromatic expression with a sculptor's application of paint to create multidimensional Images on canvas.


Miller is represented in numerous galleries and museums throughout the USA. He received the Dallas Jesuit Museum's 2009 Artist of the Year Award.


Currently based in Dallas, TX, Miller's extensive travels throughout the U.S. continue to influence his subject matter and style - from Impressionist landscapes to abstract expressions of the spirit.


Miller: "...My goal as an artist is to interpret that phenomenon, and my art is a multi-dimensional reflection of life and the way I perceive the world."

JD Miller, born 1953 in San Diego/CA
JD Miller, born 1953 in San Diego/CA