Andrei Krioukov

Andrei Krioukov was born in Moscow/RUS in 1959. Krioukov completed his studies at the Moscow School of Art with a focus on 'Painting and Teaching Art'. He then studied at the Moscow State Academy of Fine Arts, graduating as a graphic artist in 1987. Since 2003 he has been director of the School of Fine Arts and Design (Berlin).


Krioukov's works draw a close connection between art and real life. The concept of 'one-way realism', which he thematizes, becomes visible in the painterly realization. Through his art, objects of everyday life become a mirror for the viewer, a call to self-reflection on one's own consumer behaviour.


In addition to his oil and acrylic paintings, Krioukov has developed his very own style of creating etchings. He uses the cola can itself as a printing plate by applying an oil-based mixture directly on the can. With the help of a roller printing press, the ink is printed directly from the can onto the moistened laid paper.


His works can be found in private and public collections in Russia, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Greece. The admission to the collection of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow is particularly worth mentioning.